Thursday, November 1, 2012

Not Done Yet!

Although the weather may be trying to tell us differantly............................we are not done yet!

 The past week has had us almost stopped in our tracks with the Remnants of Hurricane Sandy making life miserable for alot of Creatures, including us Banders. I have not been out for Owls since the  27th and managed  to Band 9 new Owls , one of which was the 200th newly Banded Owl for the season.
200th Owl Banded 2012
 Although we had caught the 200th Owl of the season a few days earlier, this one is alittle more special.
200th Owl Caught 2012
 We are currently at 205 New Saw-whets and 2 Foreign Retraps. The first Retrap was as reported in an earlier Blog banded originally in 2011 at Thunder Cape. The most recent Retrap was previously banded in Monroe County Michegan. Ironically it was netted just 3 nights after one of mine was Retrapped by them. That Owl was banded on the 27 of September  2012 and had flown nearly 500 miles in a month(as the Crow flies).

A Michegan Visitor

 We also Retrapped a Eastern Screech Owl, that was originally banded on my Big Night last Season on Oct22 2011. Ironically It was on the 22 of Oct this year. That may be a little Karma !

22 Oct 2011-22Oct 2012
 Hawk Banding is almost non existant due to weather on Days where I have been available or just  No Flight experienced when I have been out. I have only managed 1 more Red-tail .

Second Year Red-tail

 We will endeavour to keep the Owl Nets ready until November 11th, as in past years and the Hawk Nets will kept ready until the end of the month.

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